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Reducing Cancer's Ability to make Energy

Reduce Blood Sugar and/or Insulin (which ushers Glucose into Cells): low Glycemic Index Diet, Metformin, Berberine, Exercise, Chromium Picolinate, and Gymnema Sylvestre

Inhibit the Glucose Transport Receptor, so less glucose enters the cancer cell: Quercetin and Lipophilic Statins (Lorvastatin/Atorvastatin)

Limit Glycolosis (Energy Produced from Breaking the Glucose Ring in Two): Intravenous Vitamin C, Daily Eating Windows (Intermittant Fasting)

Minimize ATP Production in the Cancer Cell's Electron ransport Chain (Oxidative Phosphorylation): Metformin, Berberine, Doxyclycline, Niclosamide

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