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Doctors' recommendations
are driven by studies.

Studies are driven by profits.

What happens to
nonprofitable strategies for cancer?

They are discovered by heros like
Jane McLelland.

Here is Jane's Amazing Stage IV Cancer Recovery Story from her Book: How to Starve Cancer

In 1994, Jane was diagnosed with cervical cancer that had spread to many of her lymph nodes. She had been very proactive with routine screenings due to a 1989 colposcopy that reflected a few mildly abnormal cells, and had been repeatedly told by medical staff that her screenings and a biopsy came back normal.

The cancer was treated by surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. It seemed like Jane was out of the woods. For the next five years, she had routine visits with her health care provider every six months. But in 1999, she developed a chronic cough. Doctors kept prescribing antibiotics, but when the cough didn't go away, Jane insisted on an Xray. She informed the technician that she'd had cancer previously and she wanted to get the Xray to see if her lung symptoms were due to cancer spreading to her lungs, the most likely place her type of cancer spreads to. She was told her Xray was perfectly clear. 

Months later, when she started coughing up blood, a second Xray was performed, revealing a golf ball size lung tumor. The previous xray was re-examined and also reflected a tumor.

Jane was informed that if she had been given a squamous cell carcinoma antigen test, it could have alerted them to cancer progression much sooner.

Jane's tumor was surgically removed. She was diagnosed with terminal Stage IV cancer.  The average life expectancy at this point was twelve weeks. Her cancer was considered unstoppable. She was only 35.

Jane was determined to do everything she could to save herself. She dove into research and implemented strategies to defeat her cancer. She succeeded and became cancer free!

In 2003, was again diagnosed with terminal cancer - leukemia - which she believes is the result of her previous chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Her prognosis was just weeks leftto live. She conducted more research and added to her cancer defeating protocol, again becoming cancer free. 

19 years after her Stage IV terminal diagnosis, Jane is still cancer free and feeling even healthier and more vibrant than she had in her pre-cancer days, she shared her strategies for defeating cancer in her book, How to Starve Cancer.

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