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Minimizing Building Blocks Cancer Uses to Create New Cancer Cells

Minimizing Building Blocks Cancer Uses to Create New Cancer Cells: News

Reduce Building Blocks that Cancer Uses to Make New Cancer Cells - Jane's Strategies

Reduce Cancer Cells' Use of Glutamine: Cancer cells have been said to require a ridiculous amount of glutatine. The cancer cell turns glutamine into glutamate, and then uses it to make glutathione to protect itself from free radicals, to make DNA nucleotides to reproduce itself, and to make energy via the TCA cycl, among other uses. Jane discusses the strategy of reducing glutamate entering the cancer cell by inhibiting Glutamate Transport with ursolic acid/resveratrol combination, or ursolic acid/curcumin combination. Green tea (ECGC) helps prevent the cancer cell from breaking down glutamate.

Reduce mTor, the master protein maker

Reduce Cholesterol Production, since cancer cells need cholesterol to make cell membranes for new cancer cells: lipophilic statins like lovastatin, atorvastatin, and simvastatin reduce cholesterol production; Luteolin for DREBP-2 cholesterol pathway, Berberine for SREBP-1 lipogenesis

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