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Seize the Day - Giving It Everything You've Got

"I'll Rise Up" by Andra Day

"One Moment in Time" by Whitney Houston

"Go The Distance" by Disney, sung by Michael Bolton

"A Moment Like This" Kelly Clarkson

"Wick" from the Secret Garden

"Fight Song" Rachel Platten

"Stronger" Kelly Clarkson

"Defying Gravity" Wicked

"Let It Grow" The Lorax

"Man in the Mirror" Michael Jackson

"Make a Man Out of You" Mulan

"Dig a Little Deeper" The Princess and the Frog

"Change in my Life"

"Eye of the Tiger" Survivor

"Gonna Fly Now" Theme From Rocky

"Roar" Katy Perry

Magical Transformation from Beauty and the Beast

No Importa La Distancia, Disney, sung by Ricky Martin

"Seize the Day" Newsies

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